Newspaper Direct provides a punctual service with which to enjoy your favourite foreign paper at breakfeast without having to venture to the few stands that stock it.- Subscriber

I have lived all over Europe – it is possible to get foreign newspapers early in the morning everywhere, even outside the capitals – but not in Sweden! If you are lucky you can get a UK paper late in late afternoon. That is why your service is so fantastic! So offer newsstands to sell a selection of your papers, as I have seen you do in Hong Kong.- Subscriber

I manage a café in Central Stockholm, which have many International customers. My customers come early each morning to have a coffee and read the news from NewspaperDirect. It is a very simple investment for me. For every newspaper I order, I sell at least 5 extra coffees, and keep my customers happy at the same time. Thanks for the great service!- Stockholm café

Our guests are always commenting on how delighted they are to be able to read today’s news in their language in our breakfast area. We have absolute confidence that many of our International guests return to our hotel as a result of the partnership we have with our friends at NewspaperDirect.- Stockholm 5 star hotel

NewspaperDirect Sweden provided an excellent and outstanding service that impressed Presidents as well as Prime Ministers from all over the world during Sweden’s EU Presidency and other major events in Sweden the last years.- Media Attache, Regeringskansliet