NewspaperDirect Sweden was started in 1997. An expat, who moved to Sweden, found it difficult to get his home newspaper in central Stockholm on the same day it was printed at home. He joined forces with some Swedish and international friends to start up

Over the last 6 years, NewspaperDirect has distributed to hotels, events, EU presidency meetings, Swedish TV, embassies, coffee shops, businesses and many private susbcribers who are delighted to read their home news in print at the same time that they could at home. Since then, we have expanded and now offer newsagents, hotels and others the opportunity to print the newspapers on site. This is the most environmentally and quickest way to receive your home news in print.


The team

James Keef Managing Director
Svante White Technical Support



NewspaperDirect Sweden AB
Skogshöjdsstigen 3
13335 Saltsjöbaden
Org: 556684-9864
Phone: +46 (0) 8 55 11 31 31
Fax: +46 (0) 8 55 11 31 33


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